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Finally, you’ll be able to eat the foods you love and bust through all the myths on the market without giving up a thing!

Preventative cancer
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Welcome to confidence at mealtimes, kicking food fears to the curb and energy to live your life regardless of your cancer stage.

I know you’ve already consulted Dr. Google, falling down the rabbit hole of misinformation only to come up empty. You know that this can’t be it. Cutting out all of your favorite foods just can’t be the way to live your healthiest life. And you’re right.

Instead, picture yourself armed with fact-based nutrition knowledge and a support system that’ll push you to embody your inner warrior so you can live your most vibrant life, yet. Finally, you can have your cake and eat it, too.

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Group programs are great for those who thrive on community, live calls, and more in-depth learning. It also includes two 1:1 consults and daily chat support with me through a private, HIPPA-approved channel.


Small Group Program


Receive my undivided attention during weekly 1:1 coaching sessions. You’ll also get unlimited chat access with me so I can help you navigate challenges and questions as they come up. 


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I provide comprehensive resources and personalized coaching services, designed to empower and guide you throughout every phase of your cancer journey, regardless of where you currently stand.


This is the most accessible, affordable way to get my guidance on cancer nutrition and lifestyle. No workbooks, calls, or confusing scientific studies. Just easy advice at your own pace. 


Cancer Simplified

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Get private support to help you wake up each day and know you’re nourishing your child in the best way possible.

1:1 nutrition guidance for parents who are raising a child with cancer.

Pediatric Cancer Nutrition

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When it comes to researching cancer nutrition, the results can be downright mind boggling. When you get results like “sugar feeds cancer” and “lemons are stronger than chemo,” it can feel impossible to know what’s real and what’s yet another myth floating around the Internet.

My goal? Give you the real science. Plain and simple.

When nutrition is accessible, flexible, and empowering, you can live a healthier lifestyle than ever before. I’ll help you get there. 

Registered dietitian nutritionist & cancer nutrition specialist

I'm Nichole Andrews

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Explore my collection of self-paced courses and cancer prevention menu bundles to bust through conflicting opinions and tricky marketing, break down the nutrition science, and make progress on your own time.

Explore my collection of courses for during or after treatments, cancer
prevention menus, and my very popular selection of masterclasses to
bust through conflicting opinions and tricky marketing, break down the
nutrition science, and make progress on your own time. 

Affordable Ways To Build A Sustainable Cancer Prevention Lifestyle & Nutrition Plan—Starting Right Now.

Menus, Self-Paced
Courses & Masterclasses

Affordable Ways To Build A Sustainable Cancer Prevention
Lifestyle & Nutrition Plan—Starting Right Now.

The complete guide to cancer prevention nutrition and lifestyle. Regain your energy, support your healthy cells, and feel completely confident around food and mealtimes while reducing cancer risk!

Sugar Does Not Feed Cancer

Order my #1 bestselling book!

Alyson Reilly

“My overall health has seen a huge change. I’ve had some healthy weight loss, and I now have better energy, better sleep, and better moods. Nichole has also helped me bring exercise into my routine which I was nervous about post-surgery.

She’s helped me understand why my body needs certain nutrition and has taken the fear away that I’ll get it wrong. She has always told me that every food can fit into my life. She has helped me understand the bigger picture so I can use food as something to make me feel amazing, be
healthier, but also just enjoy my life.”

“I feel even stronger after cancer treatment than I
did before my diagnosis."

Rebecca C.

“I am forever thankful for finding Nichole & her classes & knowledge & 1:1 coaching program

I have learned so much from her and she is so positive you can't help but feel better after simply talking to her. 

Nichole is the bestest! I could not thank her enough and I appreciate her so so much!”

“Nichole has been right there for me with so much support and wisdom."

Rissa Dodson

Nichole hears. She doesn’t just listen. She has a truly lovely way of mirroring back what you say and showing you the pressure you’re under, then providing a solution based on that.

It was such a blessing to be heard and to be seen. There wasn’t any finger-wagging, it was always about finding the positive and celebrating my wins in a genuine way.

“Nichole is a true cheerleader. She really gave all the support and knowledge I didn’t know I needed."

Blythe H.

She is 100% evidence and research-based, which was extremely important to me, especially as a scientist myself. She’s dedicated to busting those common myths around cancer prevention and nutrition that are so harmful, yet so common online.

My progress has been amazing. I didn’t just get a dietitian. I got overall support across all parts of my life. Since I started working with her, Nichole has helped me with everything from food and activity, to cancer prevention strategies, sleep, and stress management.

"Right away, I could tell Nichole really knew her stuff."

Amy S.

The fact that I can now enjoy special events without struggling with what to eat or worrying that people are judging me has been life-changing. I actually enjoy events instead of obsessing about what should or shouldn’t be on my plate.

Beyond all that, working with Nichole isn’t just about the food. She’s supportive everywhere. She helped me navigate life, sleep, hydration, and movement. She has brought the whole package, got to the root cause of things, and helped me live an overall healthier life.

Nichole has totally changed my relationship with food.

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