You’re ready to serve more clients, make more money, and live the lifestyle you desire. In other words, one that doesn't keep you chained to clinical charting and regulations 40+ hours a week.

If you’re ready to use your incredible dietitian skills (even if you recently obtained your RD!) to find financial freedom while building a business that aligns with your values and gets your clients awesome results…you’re in the right place. 

If you’re here, chances are you’re ready to take your career as an Registered Dietitian to new & exciting levels.

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1:1 Business Coaching for Virtual Dietitians on a mission to embody their inner CEO

Ready to build a wildly successful dietitian practice?

  • Fill up your private coaching roster and reliably make 5 figures each month 

  • Fill your group programs weeks before you even publicly launch 

  • Work from anywhere without it impacting your revenue

  • Decide how many days off you want—and actually take them 

  • Waste zero time on paperwork, charting, or projects that don’t serve you, your clients, or the amount of money you want to make

Imagine a virtual dietitian business where you can… 

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Over the course of our time together, you’ll learn how to build a thriving virtual dietitian business from the ground up - WITHOUT the overwhelm. You’ll get high-level support and accountability mixed with self-study resources to guide you step by step.

I’m talking everything from how to run amazing client calls, to designing and selling premium nutrition programs with ease.

These are the details that are essential to growing a nutrition business that makes bank (without you needing to work 24/7). 

The 1:1 coaching program that shows you how to grow and scale your virtual dietitian business while creating the work-life balance you desire.

Dietitian CEO Coaching!

  • Design an amazing client experience that leaves them raving 
  • Craft irresistible offers and get confident selling them
  • Learn how to sell more than just private coaching so you can SCALE!
  • Create effortless systems so you work smarter, not harder (and make more money!)
  • Build a value-aligned business you’re proud of and excited about

You’ll walk away knowing how to:

I am so glad you are here. It means you’re ready to say hello to nutrition counseling on your own terms.

When I first started my RD business, I was flabbergasted at all the extra stuff I needed to learn. Yes, I had serious nutrition and health chops, but they don’t teach you how to run a biz at dietitian school. I had to figure out how to build, sell, and grow my nutrition programs—all while juggling clients and being a mom.

When I eventually found the right coach to guide me along the way, it was GAME-CHANGING. I learned how to create stress-free processes so I can run my business, instead of my business running me. Since then, I’ve built a flourishing virtual dietitian business with $20k-$30k months. While STILL having all the time I want to go to the gym, play with my kids, travel…

Basically, I’m able to get my clients life-changing results while I live my best life too! Because that’s what it’s all about, right? Now, I want to help you do the same.

Hey there fellow Dietitian CEO queen!

I’m Nichole Andrews, RDN Dietitian Business Coach & Oncology Dietitian

If jetting off to beautiful places or visiting family is on your to-do list, I’ve got you covered. I’ll teach you exactly how you can run your business from anywhere without it impacting your revenue. 

How to work from anywhere!

You’ll learn how to create products that meet your customers' needs and align with your revenue goals. This way, you can scale your business without working more. Hello, passive income!

How to develop passive income offers

It can be daunting to sell high-ticket programs, but don’t worry. You’ll learn how to take the “ick” out of selling so it feels good, doesn’t sacrifice your values, and works! You’ll learn how to fill your 1:1 coaching roster and group programs—and keep them filled, quarter after quarter. 

How to sell premium nutrition programs with ease

Dazzle your customers with memorable branding that captures your personality and the value of your offers. I’ll help you refine everything from your IG bio to your marketing assets and educational materials. So everything is professional and on-brand AF!

How to build an impactful brand

Your client’s results are the core of your business’s success! You’ll get my proven processes on how to run client calls, empower them with motivation, and provide the right guidance at the right time. I’ll also teach you how to track and analyze their progress so they get amazing results (leaving you amazing reviews in return!). 

How to coach like a boss

Many small business dietitians are overwhelmed with ALL THE THINGS you need to do simply to keep your biz above water. I’ll teach you how to implement systems that make you insanely efficient so you waste zero time and never feel like you’re “falling behind.” 

How to work smarter, not harder

get ready to grow your virtual dietitian business 

Here’s what you’ll learn 

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Yes, we will talk strategy, money goals, and ways to stack income but we ALSO talk mindset! Those pesky blind spots you may not see that are holding you back in business or maybe the push for boundaries with current clients you are not exactly sure how to set - I help guide you to grow as a person as you build you business to be your best self overall.


You never know when you’re going to hit a challenge! You’ll have access to me via Voxer chat 5 days a week where you can ask any and all questions about growing your biz.

Daily Messaging Support 

Over the course of either 3 or 6 months, you and I will meet bi-weekly for in-depth coaches calls. I’ll help you set goals and strategize processes to reach them. Then I’ll keep you accountable to make sure you reach those goals. 

Private Coaching Calls

In other words, you and I form a partnership—your goals are my goals.

This is a highest-touch dietitian coaching program where you get the accountability, motivation, and guidance you need to build the nutrition business of your dreams. 

how it works

Running a coaching business requires sooo many forms, scripts, and handouts. Don’t worry, I’ve done the work for you.

You’ll get this sweet vault of materials to make leveling up your business so.much.easier. It has all the forms, scripts, and resources your practice will ever need to thrive. Here’s just a taste of what’s inside: 

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Ultimate Biz-Building Resource Vault

Value: $600 USD (yours for free!) 

Special nutrition needs for certain clients? These templates are just the thing to keep them laser-focused on achieving the weekly goals you set with them. 

Custom Food/Nutrient Templates

New clients will onboard with ease without the excessive paperwork - hello time saver! 

Onboarding Forms

Simple and straightforward so you can prepare what the client needs without taking the hours to prep for calls. 

Weekly Check-In Form

So you and your clients know exactly what you’re working on for your time together. 

clear Goal Setting strategy

Keep your clients focussed on goals so they get better results. 

SMART Goal Worksheets

Clients want to know what to expect, and you can give them just that with crystal clear emails.

Welcome Emails

Connect and sell with confidence with my genuine and enthusiastic scripts that showcase the value of your programs. 

Sales & Email Scripts

Capture the attention of new leads with bonus Dietitian Reel and Content trainings. 

Bonus Trainings

"The calls were most beneficial for me! It was always when I felt like I wanted to quit that we had a call and I always left feeling uplifted and capable.

Seriously, our calls kept me from giving up especially right after I had my baby. I will keep using the skills I learned about selling consistently, believing that I know enough, and putting my ideas into action sooner rather than later!! These things were huge for me and I plan to keep doing them!!

I thought the calls were excellent!! Super helpful and Nichole is easy to talk to when things are hard. Nichole is the best!!!!!!!!"

“Chat support was always great!! Quick responses, thorough answers.”

— SaVANNAH, 1:1 RD CEO business coaching client


Nichole is amazing!! When I was looking for a business coach, I knew I needed someone who could really hold my hand as I learned how to grow and scale my business. 

She has such a positive attitude and helped me so much with overcoming my mindset and limiting beliefs.

She gave me the accountability I needed to finally start my email list, launch my freebies, fine tune my application/getting my prices on the application, and getting my course up and running. She also pushed me to increase my prices and I’ve been hitting consistent 3-4K months (previously at most I was getting 1500). I’ve been posting WAY more regularly and gained over 300 followers. 

We’ve also had incredible calls talking about the future of my business including selling masterclasses, memberships, menus, and other mini courses. 

I highly recommend Nichole, especially if you really want good quality 1:1 support!

“She pushed me to increase my prices and I’ve been hitting consistent 3-4K months.”

— Ariella, 1:1 RD CEO business coaching client

Ariella, RD, PCOS & Fertility 

"I started at ground zero with my nutrition business before working with Nichole. I was so intimidated by the online space and had no clue where to start. Nichole immediately made it simple, fun and logical! 

Not only did I earn back the investment made in Nichole's program in less than 6 months, my mindset grew exponentially. She immediately helped me identify my niche and feel confident in who my ideal client was! 

I would 100% recommend Nichole because she is positive, honest, real, and supportive. She responded quickly and provided valuable feedback on posts, captions, emails and client scenarios. When I wasn't sure how to best help a client she walked me through coaching strategies to help them get results. Every recommendation she gave was personalized! Investing in Nichole is a no-brainer if you want to feel confident and supported in your online nutrition business!"

"She was exactly what I needed & more!"

— Jillian, 1:1 RD business coaching client

Jillian Chacon | NUTRITION & Exercise Dietitian

"You helped me decide on a niche, supporting me on difficult days, sending me examples of handouts/menus you'd already made, walking me through selling in my DMs, helping me come up with masterclass ideas, pricing out my offers for so many different things!

Helping me with expanding my reach to the workplace and deciding on different offerings for employers, and SO much more.

The chat support was so so helpful, seriously every time I messaged you, you almost always immediately responded, I felt like you were available whenever I needed you and that was wonderful. 

You are such a valuable resource and I'm so glad that another dietitian business client of yours recommended you when I was getting started! I really do believe the investment was 100% worth it. THANK YOU"

"You are SO knowledgeable in the field of dietetics and as a business owner"


KAYLA, MS, RD | Workplace wellness dietitian

“I think the biggest mindset shift since working with Nichole, is knowing how I want to help people most within my niche, and that it is totally fine and normalized and made me proud to be remunerated for the transformations I can give my clients. The combination of her coaching skills that cheer me on and build me up, and the details of how to provide a strong client experience has been a game-changer in my business growth.” 

“Game-changer in my business growth. ”

— Abby, 1:1 CEO business coaching client

ABBY | Parent coach/EARLY YEARS specialist

The most helpful areas for my RD business were the vault documents, they were a key for starting my business, and feel confident I had everything. Also learning how to develop my 1:1 and grow my business to other programs, such as masterclasses. The calls allowed me to be up to date with my goals and continue to work on them. Open chat was also a great way to follow up with Nichole throughout the week. I loved Slack. Nichole was available within 24 hours of writing her with questions. So happy I took the decision to join your 1:1 coaching program. I feel super confident of growing my business and was able to create an efficient workflow.

“A key for starting my business. ”

— Sachelly, 1:1 RD CEO business coaching client

The Latina Prenatal Dietitian Nutritionist | Sachelly

"Nichole’s program and approach is easy and realistic. She really helps you feel confident and motivates you to dream big and go for it! The one on one calls where great brainstorming sessions and working thru imposter syndrome. And I loved that I have her cheering me on on direct message thru Voxer. Loved my experience and recommend if you are just starting your virtual practice or need to freshen things up. Thank you Nichole!"

“Helped me feel confident, dream big, & go for it!”

— KARLA, 1:1 RD CEO business coaching client

The DIetitian Chef | Karla, RDN

“Before working with Nichole, I thought I needed 10+ years of experience or a high following before I could start my own business. I lacked confidence even to speak in front of my audience not knowing if anyone would want to watch it. Working with Nichole has helped me build my confidence. Nichole has provided me with resources/scripts that have helped me convert leads to clients. I also love how the advice she gives is all tailored personally to your specific needs!”

“Helped me convert leads to clients!”

— Diane, RD CEO 1:1 business coaching client

Diane RDN | CaNCER Dietitian

"The area that I benefited most when working with Nichole 1:1 was the chat support SLACK! I can’t say enough how valuable it was to have her available for questions as needed. I 100% would not have been as successful in our work together without this. Seriously amazing! I also liked the frequency of the 1:1 calls with Nichole. We have revamped our whole business model! We plan to continue to review pricing regularly to fit with market value and earn what we deserve, and we are going to continue to grow our product suite. I liked the flexibility of the program :) We could work on what was relevant to me at the time." 

— Katie, 1:1 RD CEO business coaching client

"The experience and support was UNREAL!!!"


Kind words

Wondering if this program is for you?

 It might be a great fit if...

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  • You want someone who will be truly available every step of the way, no matter when you need support 

  • You’re in your first 1-5 years of nutrition coaching

  • You started your business to work less—but you’re actually working more!

  • You want to have a consistent number of clients and revenue each month

  • You love being a nutrition coach, but you sometimes struggle with a lack of confidence in your abilities

  • Your mind is going wild trying to get all your systems, marketing, and client management in order

  • You want to scale your nutrition coaching business with ease!

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As Dietitians, we have so much nutrition knowledge to share with the world. But we’re not taught how to market ourselves or coach clients in a way that gives them simple, everyday sustainable change.

This program fills the gaps. Step by step, I guide you to build the processes, marketing strategies, and client experiences you need for a thriving business.

So you can go to the very top of your business goals while giving yourself back the time to live the life you want.

This program is about learning how to be a nutrition coach on your terms

get ready to grow your virtual dietitian business 

Have questions or want help deciding if this is right for you? Let’s chat! Send me a DM on Instagram so I can learn more about your goals and help you figure it all out. If 1:1 coaching isn’t right for you, we can talk about other lower-investment options. I’m an open book!

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$7400 USD

High-touch 1:1 business coaching includes:
  • 30-minute biweekly 1:1 calls
  • Daily 1:1 messaging access
  • Audits & edits to forms, programs, social media, emails, website, and anything else business related I am there to improve and guide you!
  • Ultimate biz-building resource vault

turn your RD CEO dreams into reality

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High-touch 1:1 business coaching
Daily 1:1 messaging access
Ultimate biz-building resource vault 

3 months of 1:1 Coaching

6 months of 1:1 Coaching

$4500 USD

1 month of 1:1 Coaching

$1650 USD

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